School-to-Career (STC) is a program that Sibley-Ocheyedan High School has to help students decide what job they may want and to get them ready for the world of work. The program is set up by the school partnering with local businesses. During an allotted time, students are allowed to go to a job that meets their interests. This program can not only help reduce the dropout rate, but also help improve graduation rates among students.

STC through the special education program is designed to help students gain work experience and skills to help them transition after high school. Instead of preparing specific students for college, the program is set up to help students develop independent skills for working after high school.

Tanner Alford

  Tanner Alford was asked about the jobs he has gotten to work at. He said he worked at the hardware store in George, Ace Hardware Store, Dagel Farms, among others. The three listed were his favorites. He said he liked the jobs he got to work at because the people he works with are fun and funny. I asked him if it was a learning experience and he said that he has learned a great deal from it. Tanner also said that he could see himself working these jobs after high school.

by Shyanne Hunt