Sibley-Ocheyedan Sophomore Career Day

by H. Schwager

On Thursday, April 18, sophomore students boarded buses at 8:15 to tour 1-3 local businesses in Sibley Iowa.

The first tour took the sophomores to CFE and C&B John Deere where the students looked at what different departments do, how to do sales, and the operation of tractors. Wilson Garcia says, “I really enjoyed the tour of CFE and how pig feed is processed throughout the place.”

The second tour was at the Osceola Regional Hospital and the Vet Clinic. The sophomores experienced a live surgical procedure on a dog, and the process of the animal going under anesthesia. At the Hospital, the staff had sections where students took their blood, learned about surgical tools, physical therapy, and pharmacy.

The third tour for the sophomore career day was at the 1015 Steak Co, State Farm, and the City Municipal Electric Plant.

 Around noon the sophomores made their way into the high school auditorium for the hosting of the panel professionals. Each professional talked about their life experiences in their careers and how they got to where they are today. Sakura Alanis said that she found all their dedication to their work inspiring and hopes to one day be as successful as them. The sophomore career day ended with many businesses coming to the high school gym for the students to expand their interest in careers.