S-O will be doing virtual Parent-Teacher Conferences this year. Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held virtually on October 26th and October 27th, 4pm to 8pm. Conference registration opens on Tuesday, October 20th, 2020, at 6pm and will close on Friday, October 23rd, at 4pm. To register for a PT conference for your student(s), you’ll need to register for a conference time with your child’s homeroom teacher or classroom teachers.

You can register for a conference time by going to: https://myschoolsystems.com/thegenerals2/

Click on the building your child attends, then sign in to the portal using the information you received in the email sent out for your child, or using the information included on the Conference paper that was sent home with your child on Tuesday, October 20th, 2020. Once you have logged in, you will see your child’s homeroom teacher listed (if your child is an elementary or middle school child) or will see your high school child’s individual classes listed. Next to the homeroom or individual classes, click once on the schedule button. A new window will open where you can select the time you’d like to hold your PT Conference with your child’s teacher(s).

To join a video session with your child’s teacher, you will use Google Meet. To join Google Meet, you must have a Google account. To use Google Meet, you have two options:

1. If you don’t have a Google account and would like to use a personal computer, you’ll be prompted to create a Google account when you attempt to join the meeting. 

2. We invite parents to use your child’s District Chromebook to attend the Google Meet PT Conference. If you choose to attend this way, you’d simply sign in to your child’s District Chromebook as the child, sign in to the conference portal, then can join the video conference without needing to create a Google account. Elementary students will be bringing home their student Chromebooks on the day of conferences to aid parents in connecting to their child’s PT Conference(s).

On the day of the PT Conference for your child:

You’ll again visit the portal and sign in using the same information. Once signed in, you’ll see a button next to the class that says, “Join the Video Conference”. At your appointment time, please click on the button to join the video conference with your child’s teacher. Please do not attempt to join the video conference prior to your conference time. The teacher will be required to deny entry. If entry is denied twice by the teacher, you’ll need to reschedule the conference time. We ask that you respect the teachers’ busy conference schedules and join the virtual conference on time, on the date you’ve selected. Your child’s teacher will need to let you into the video conference after you’ve joined. Once the video conference is complete, the teacher will remove you from the video session.