‘Movie Review’

by G. Bevers

Sickness can cause a huge change in the way one sees the world around them. Many people feel like they have to do everything possible or nothing at all with their lives when they find out it is about to end. In the movie 5 Feet Apart, there is a girl named Stella who suffers from a fatal condition called cystic fibrosis. She realizes that because of her condition, she has no idea how soon she will die, so she makes a to-do list of everything she wants to accomplish each day. 

While at the hospital for a trial, she meets a boy named Will, who is also staying at the hospital for the same condition. Will is the type of character who realizes that he is going to die soon and feels as though nothing matters that much because he is going to die anyway. Because of the two’s conditions, they are not able to be near each other because of the likelihood of them catching each other’s germs. Germs can travel up to six feet, so they must be at least six feet apart.

While they may feel like all their odds are against them, they don’t let it stop them from getting to know each other. They continue to get to know each other and become close. As their connection grows stronger, they are more and more willing to break the rules and decide that six feet is too much. They feel that cystic fibrosis is taking over their lives, and they want to take control. This is where the title of the movie, 5 Feet Apart, comes into play because they take that foot to gain control of their lives. Not only is this movie a fantastic expression of learning to live and enjoy life, no matter the trials you face, but it is also a movie that will keep you on your toes and is a heart-wrenching story that will leave you wanting to re-watch it again and again.