College Classes Started

by Jaci Van Westen

Nearing the end of the first month into the semester, most S-O students have said that they adjusted to their new classes. Some of the classes, however, are college classes provided by Northwest Iowa College (NCC) of Sheldon, Iowa. When taking an NCC class, they are typically a semester-long and take place in the library. 

The reason students decide to take these classes and recommend them are because of cost savings. The classes provided for high schools are often free or at a reduced price – meaning students spend less than the class during actual college. The classes work through the NCC website, featuring assignments, quizzes, and discussions weekly from the professor. 

The seniors taking classes have been doing so since sophomore year, getting that early boost. Some students are already into their fifth class. The students enjoy the classes, though they can consist of what feels like “busy work. For those planning on signing up for a college class, a few seniors give some advice. Make sure to get your assignments done. When planning to go to a college, check which ones will transfer those credits from the class. Have a good schedule and do not finish assignments at the last minute and stress about it. Lastly, if you are unsure about a career, you can at least get the general classes out of the way.