Jazz Band Startup

by W. Kraai

With the end of marching band season, the S – O High School Band has moved on to concert band and jazz band. This year the student interest in joining the S – O Jazz Band was lower than in previous years. This resulted in all who signed up not having to audition and getting placed in the band. 

The band has started working on Christmas songs which include the “Dixieland Christmas March” by the Jalen Jazz Band. They have also been working on improving their jazz style using the Standard of Excellence Jazz Ensemble Method book. A version of this book is available for every instrument in the band in order to allow focus on individual parts. This style of learning is known to help learn new rhythms and countings for their music. Learning not only the music but also their style is deemed as extremely important for scoring at a festival. 

The group will have its first festival on January 22, 2024, in Spirit Lake, IA. At this festival, there will be 13 other schools with bands, four of which are in class (2A). “It will be tough competition. Practice for this festival will be essential,” says junior Elliot Daiker. The S – O Jazz Band members have revealed that they are getting riled up and ready for the season.