The Stuck Pot

By S. Medina

The fall play for 2023-24 was called The Stuck Pot, directed by Frances Reiter. This show was her first year directing a play for Sibley-Ocheyedan High School. The Stuck Pot was performed on November 10 and 11, 2023, in the high school auditorium.

The main cast consisted of senior Grace Bevers, senior Kristina Habben, sophomore Gabriel Vande Hoef, senior Tania Martinez, junior Alan Mejia, senior Ella Reiter, junior Erika Rosenberg, and senior Kyla Schwager. The matinee took place November 9, beginning with period 6, with middle school students attending. Admission for the play was $5 for students k-12 and $10 for adults. Tickets had to be purchased online or at the front door with a credit card.

The Stuck Pot tells a story about an annual dance, and one of the boys always gets stuck with the “lemon” as his date. The boys come up with a prize for whoever gets stuck with the “lemon”, they call it The Stuck Pot. Once the plan is found out, the girls retaliate by making their own Stuck Pot that almost everyone wants to win. The main character, Alice, really wants to win so she can get a microscope because she wants to create a new “perfume”. The other girls are trying hard to be the most unattractive, which results in a funny dance scene. The ending is described as ‘funny and delightful, that everyone can enjoy’.