Thou Art In A Club

by V. Zepeda

When most people think about Sibley – Ocheyedan, art may not be the first thing to come to mind. But actually, the program is growing each year. While Mrs. Katlynn Espey is only in her third year at Sibley – Ocheyedan, her personality and positive attitude has many kids confident in their artistic abilities. She is the art teacher for the middle school and high school. Her impact has many children looking forward to taking more artistic classes.

Currently, there is an art club in Sibley –  Ocheydan, giving many students an opportunity to take their artistic ability to another level. Last year in the art club the activities included Bob Ross paintings, which gave them freedom when it comes to how they wanted their art to look. The S – O Art Department is blossoming as more students enter high school. In another meeting, students were able to make clay photo frames and the design would be up to the maker. 

Around Christmas time, the art club was able to make and customize their own Christmas ornament, with no exceptions; the design was up to the artist. For national women’s day, the art club teamed up with the Spanish club and made hand-decorated goodie bags for all of the female teachers. There was also a large poster made for the office that the art club also designed. The group ranges from freshmen to seniors and one does not need to be taking any art classes to join the art club.

Art club is a place for teens of all ages to just relax and get creative. It serves as a safe place and comfort zone for many students at Sibley – Ocheydan. The art club meetings are planned ahead and usually take place after school. No sign-up required.