Sibley – Ocheyedan Volleyball Update

by P. Hout

The Sibley РOcheyedan volleyball team traveled to George РLittle Rock this past Thursday, September 26. The team played 3 different matches: freshmen, junior varsity, and varsity, with the freshmen and junior varsity games played 3 sets with first to twenty Рone winning each set. While the varsity game played 4 sets with first to twenty Рfive winning with the fifth set only going to fifteen. 

The freshman team began the night with a win. The team won the first 2 sets, meaning they did not have to play the third set. The junior varsity lost the first two sets to George – Little Rock leaving them with a loss for the night.

The varsity team played all 5 sets and won 3 out of the 5 to win the night. They began by winning the first set. The next set, however, they did not win, but then they came back and won the next set. The fourth set was not won by our varsity causing the game to go into its final set. The final set was played and won by S – O. This won them the match, making their 2019 season record 2-6.