Work Skills Class

by S. Jansma

After Mrs. Tara Bouwman left her position in the district last year, there was a class called “Work Skills Class” that suddenly found itself without a teacher. Mrs. Meggan Block has since begun to teach the class and has done so since the beginning of this year. The Work Skills Class is a class that helps special needs students learn what it takes to get a job in the future. The class focuses on business by specifically making and selling coffee to the staff. Usually the class consists of 3 – 4 students each semester as the class is only a semester long.

With the coffee shop model they start off with the job application process. Within the process they learn how to create a cover letter as well as a resume, they also focus on the importance of their appearance and first impressions. Next, the students take part in an interview; Mrs. Block hopes that the interview will give the students the insight into what it takes to obtain a job. Secondly, the students begin working at the coffee shop. The coffee shop includes: special brew coffee and various food baked and made by the students. The students will make and place food orders, as well as take orders electronically from teachers and other school staff. These students will also learn how to budget money. The coffee shop is scheduled to be up and running in the upcoming weeks.