New Year’s Yearbook Special

by C. Bechler

The Publications Class staff has been working on a new theme for the next round of yearbook sales. The sales theme selected is “New Years”. The basic book is available at a cost of $50 – less than half of the actual cost of the book. Sales will take place on January 27 – February 3. These sales will take place in the commons area during lunch by the library. The 2019-2020 yearbooks are scheduled to arrive mid-August of 2020.

This year’s yearbook theme is “2020 vision” and the staff’s goal is to sell one hundred ten books before the year ends.   

If paying with a check, checks are to be made out to “S – O yearbook”. You can also personalize your yearbook with your name and can choose an icon for an additional fee. If you are unable to make it to the sales during lunch, you can talk to Mr. Schuller in his room (110).