Importance of School Involvement

by K. Habben

School involvement is important not only for the school but also for the students. School involvement is a term used to describe the participation of students and community members in school functions. This involvement has a number of benefits for the involved parties. It is important to consider the possibilities and opportunities that school involvement allows.

For students, school involvement can assist them in earning letters and pins. For many, engagement in school activities allows for a sense of fulfillment in personal and social standings. When parents show their support for their children and school, it encourages students to strive for better grades. Furthermore, students are able to build strong relationships with their peers and coaches; therefore, improving their communication skills. 

A higher percentage of involvement from the students can open up more opportunities for government and personal grants. Additionally, spectators that attend school events can allow school districts to have an increased budget. This new budget allows for more school improvement projects. These projects increase the appearance of the school, increase the likelihood of recruiting the necessary staff to run the school as well as an increase in students.

Students and residents alike and are encouraged to get involved. Sibley – Ocheyedan offers a variety of sports, clubs, and organization opportunities for the students. Community members can contribute through support. This support can be shown in so many different ways including: attending sporting events, dinners, open board meetings, and purchasing fundraiser items.