Naig’s School of Driving

by G. Atherton

High school liaison officer and athletic director, Doyle Naig have begun to teach his yearly driver’s education classes, consisting of both time in the classroom, as well as behind the wheel time as required by Iowa law. Students wishing to attend the class must be at least fourteen years old, have a valid learner’s permit, and pay a non-refundable fee of $350.

The classes began February 25, 2019, and will continue until May 6, 2019. Classes are conducted in the high school auditorium. If there are any questions please email Doyle Naig at or text him at 712-461-0954.

The driving hours will take place mostly during the summer months; although, a few people will be able to drive March through May. Students are required to choose a partner from the class to drive with, or one will be assigned.