Life Without Personal Technology in School

by D. Edwards 

On Tuesday, April 12, 2022, the Sibley – Ocheyedan School Board passed a ban on personal electronic devices. These personal devices include the following; cell phones, handheld gaming devices, Bluetooth devices, etc. One exception to this rule is for medical reasons. The nurse must first be notified to clear this with the principal.

Consequences have been set in place for those who break the rule. For the first offense, the device will be immediately confiscated and a parent or guardian will be notified and will have to pick up the device from the office. The second offense will result in a 5-day out of school suspension (OSS). Finally, the third offense will result in a 10-day OSS and a recommendation for expulsion.

What students had originally done to get around the ban were that students had brought hand-held gaming devices to school on the first and second day of the ban, which was later added to the ban list. Some had also brought card games to use when free time is available. Other means of entertainment may be used that aren’t currently known. Students were asked the following regarding the ban.

How has the ban on personal devices affected you personally?

Junior – A. Bernal, “It doesn’t bother me too much, but it does not seem to affect much, and hasn’t changed anything.” Sophomore – M. Roelfs, “It is harder to connect with people, I understand we have Gmail, but it does not help.” Freshman – C. Gomez-Mitchell, “If I wanted to do something after school I would not be able to because I don’t have my phone and my mother doesn’t answer the school phone.”