Yearbook Sales

by M. White

The theme of the yearbook sales (of the book we are constructing right now) for the month of November for the S-O High School is “Gobble up the Savings”, a play on the Thanksgiving theme. The students in Publications Class have decided to reach out to potential buyers through the school newsletter. The next round of yearbook sales will run from November 20, 2019 to November 27, 2019, and will take place in the high school cafeteria during all three of the lunch periods each day. Yearbook prices will be at their lowest point during this school year; a mere $45. That price will remain valid until the beginning of Christmas break. After Christmas break the price will increase slightly to $50. As you can see, the week leading up to Thanksgiving is the perfect time to buy a book while the price is at its lowest all year.

The reason the Publications Class designated two people to choose a theme for each month, they are the “publicity” for Publications Class at S-O High School, until the month of that specific sale only the people involved with Publications Class will know the themes, therefore it is a surprise to all other students in the high school. The publications staff has tried numerous times to get more people in buying yearbooks with flat (2D) posters, but this year it is a little different than last year. They are trying 3D posters that stick out to get more students attention.