Ways to Stay Organized

by K. Elser

Learning to be organized is a must when one enters high school. There are several different skills and strategies that can be used in order to be and stay organized. These skills can be carried into college, and into future careers. There are many different things to organize. 

Things come easier when organizing things. When items are organized an individual will not feel as rushed and stressed. Some ways students can begin organizing is by cleaning out his or her bookbag at the end of the week, cleaning out loose papers and putting them into the places that they belong, such as a folder or a binder. 

Another way of staying organized is by using time management. A planner or a planning app are two ways to help keep track of time. Having a planner that is organized can be very useful. Benefits include:  never missing a deadline, always being prepared for a test, and having assignments completed on time. Another method for time management is to take bigger projects and break them down into smaller, more manageable portions. Finally, a planner can be used to keep track of all other activities such as sports, practices, speeches, rehearsals, and plans with friends.