FFA Fruit Sales

by P. Hout

The Sibley – Ocheyedan Future Farmers of America (FFA) students had their last “turn-in” day for fruit orders on Friday, November 15. The students were selling multiple different types of fruits, cheeses, and meats. The fruit is set to arrive on Wednesday, December 4. There will also be opportunities to buy fruit after the delivery date as a limited quantity of extra items are included in their overall order.

On December 4, the FFA students will be separating fruit throughout the day according to who sold it. The students in agriculture classes will also be separating fruit boxes to make half boxes and mixed boxes. They are also having parents that have volunteered, there to make fruit baskets. The students or their parents will be allowed to pick up the fruit at the end of the day on December 4. 

After all of the fruit is picked up by the students, the FFA will total how much extra fruit they have left over. They will then send a spreadsheet out to all of the FFA members which says what they have leftovers and the quantity of each item. If anyone would like to buy any fruit after the original delivery they can contact any FFA member to see if there is any left of that item or ask Mr. Jacob Fox, Mr. Justin Rottinghaus, or Ms. Laurie Kraayenbrink. 

If you order fruit from an FFA member after the delivery date the FFA student will be able to get it to you sometime after that date and after the money is turned in. There will also be leftover meats and cheeses. Almost every year the cheese curds are bought very quickly, however, in the past, they have been able to order more after they were completely gone.