Extra! Extra! Get Your Yearbook!

by V. Zepeda

The year goes by as fast as it comes, and with school comes memories with friends, teachers, and peers. What’s a better way to remember than by recording it in ink? Yearbook sales for the 2022-2023 book – the one we are making right now) are taking place at Sibley – Ocheyedan in the high school commons. The first round of sales will take place on September 26 – 30 during 5A and 5C lunch and the 27 and 29 during lunch 5b.

Ordering yearbooks now will save you some cash, because the price changes at the start of the second semester from $45 to $50. Everyone makes an appearance in the yearbook whether it be in class pictures, to student section photos, there is a chance for everybody to be seen. Many students agree that yearbooks are a great way to remind students of the good old times.

Members of the Publications Class will be set up in front of the library. The sale date information will be on posters placed around the school. They have all the information needed for ordering a yearbook. If you have any questions, contact Alejandro Bernal, Mr. BJ Shuller, or Vivian Zepeda.

Yearbook covers are also able to be customized. Your yearbook can have a graphic of choice or your name for an extra charge. All grades, from freshman to seniors, are included in the yearbook. All are encouraged to purchase one. Don´t wait! Buy your yearbook now!