Culinary Arts II

by L. Behles 

Culinary Arts II is the highest culinary class that the students can take here at Sibley – Ocheyedan. This class has a “Cake Wars” segment that they do. Every year, instructor Mrs. Chelsea Hecht has her students bake a cake and decorate it according to a theme she picks. This year, the theme was “Instagram Perfect”. 

Each student, or group, draw their idea out. They then give it to Mrs. Hecht, and she will gather the ingredients that each of the students needs to form his or her idea. Each cake is judged by a few teachers and by the school principal. The students do not receive anything for winning, but there are two different categories that they can win in. 

Ariana McCann won for the best design. Alberto Ortiz won for the best theme. Both of these students are quite competitive with each other. This year for their semester test, each group of students will have to design their own food truck. They will also have to make some food for their food truck.  

by A. McCann 
by A. Ortiz