Christmas Traditions

by J. Martinez

For Christmas break, I am fortunate to have my family and have the ability to spend Christmas break with them. My family and I are going to my aunt’s farm to celebrate the holiday. My family has a tradition of making Mexican food such as tamales, enchiladas, and many other dishes on Christmas Eve. After dinner, we dance and have fun, when the clock hits 12 o’clock am we all gather and open presents. Each of my family members brings a present for everyone.

I interviewed some other people about what their plans were for break. Alicia Ordonez, a sophomore at Sibley-Ocheyedan High School, said that her family does a lot of cooking and baking throughout the whole break. On Saturday the 22nd, Alicia and her family are going to decorate their Christmas tree and house. On the next day (the 23rd), she is going to go Christmas shopping. On Christmas Eve they prepare the ingredients for tamales that they will eat for dinner that night. The morning of the next day they open their Christmas presents.

Shyanne Hunt, a junior at Sibley-Ocheyedan High School, says that she celebrates Christmas with her family as well. She goes to her grandma’s house along with her aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers and her sister. Her grandma cooks up a big delicious meal that usually includes steak, potatoes, corn and much more. After everyone is done eating they gather in the living room and they take turns opening presents. Her grandma every year dresses as Santa for the little ones and they take pictures.

For some students having traditions is important to them and their family. When asking students at the high school what were their plans for Christmas break the most common answer was “eat and open presents. After all, we all, to some extent, do the same for Christmas, spend time with family, eat and open presents. Happy Holidays!