All Call for Senior Portraits

by F. Carda

Calling all seniors! It is the time where the Publications Class yearbook photo editors are asking all seniors to send in their portraits for the yearbook. They also are requesting a short quote of your choosing to accompany your photo in the yearbook. It works best if you chose a short quote that best fits your personality, or even something you live by or have lived by. 

There are requirements for both the photo and the quote. For the portrait, the editors are asking that it is a clear photo of yourself and must be appropriate. The requirements for the quote will be as shown: must be appropriate and 30 words or less. If you choose to not submit a quote, there will be an empty space in place of your quote. 

Please turn in both the portrait and quote by April 1, 2020, to give time to editors for editing and cropping of pictures along with adding the quote in. If the editors have any questions regarding the photo or the quote, you will be contacted via email. If you have any questions in terms of your senior portrait or your quote, you can contact Faye Carda via email.